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With this playlist, I set out not just to build a great soundtrack for romance novel reading, but to mimic the arc of one in song. There’s a star crossed prologue! The (re )meet cute! There’s the sex that’s hot beyond measure (but rife with Unacknowledged Emotions) and the sex where all Unacknowledged Emotions have been shared and reciprocated, and a Whole New Realm of Pleasure appears. There’s the third act fight that drives the couple apart and the profound mutual pining that follows it.

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If there is any way I can do any work remotely during that time

Two welding machines sit in a room near the projection room. Each of the theatre’s two projectors uses a welder as cheap air jordan a rectifier, turning AC current into DC. This ensures that the perceived brightness of the film does not fluctuate during a screening.

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